Natalie is a yogi with “southern” flare. Yoga was first introduced to her in 2000, during a movement class for acting. Yoga tapped into the emotional baggage that she held in her body, and through the practice she learned how to release that energy. Natalie became hooked and hasn’t stopped since.

Through both Vinyasa and Bikram yoga, Natalie’s journey as a student helped her discover that all things are possible when one releases her mind. After 13-years of practice, in July 2013 she decided to go to India for her teacher training and certification as an instructor at Arhanta Yoga Ashram in Hatha Yoga.

As a teacher, Natalie believes that if you can see yourself doing a pose, with consistent practice and patience, you will achieve it. Her classes are about building confidence on- and -off the mat. You will enjoy relaxing tunes with fun and encouraging instruction, and real life stories that will keep the class light and create internal smiles.