Steven Rousseau

You might find meBiking around New York City

 Life mottoApply yourself to supply your health

 Favorite vice…sweets, vegan sweets lol

 Toughest life struggleNot overthinking

 In my class you will….. you will feel, welcomed, free to be yourself, and never worried about being judged

 Cherished moment…Seeing my clients/students, happy after a class, great feeling as a teacher, seeing your students with a smile on their faces after class

 Yoga myth…Yoga myth, that men don't yoga, and that you have to be small to do yoga.

 Dream…Don't really have dreams, just real life goals

Trainings / Certifications Certified Personal Trainer( ISSA, NASM) 

Holistic Nutrionist (AFPA)

Certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor RYT 200